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neil: some say he started a revolution now scott brown is determined to finish it. welcome glad to have you i am neil cavuto, from the man who stunned political world when he landed in 10 kennedy's old senate seat this time focus on a higher seat. scott brown, is joining what seems like a conga line of would-be presidential candidates heading for cornfields of iowa. here is what brown makes his case, a compelling case. gets on other republican's case, he fashions himself a problem
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solver driven by more on getting things done in a washington where nothing is getting done, new jersey governor chris christie fashions himself the same type doer of a get it done guy, it has been working for christy in a blue state it worked for brown initially in a more blew -- blue state, now brown is raising the takeses beyond his home state. it more than00s of a rumble on the right, this is the battle to watch, the months and years ahead, that for soul of the republican party, because there are those who look at chris christie, and maybe brown as too pregmatic, the critics say to give rand a hand into guys like
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these guys the finger, conservative argue such accommodate ores never make it to the presidency, should not, levin telling me they are bad for the party's future. >> they argue they have been too accommodating, what do you think of that? >> the republican party sadly is ossifying, it will turn into old wig party and into nothing. it does not stand for anything. this is going to be a problem going forward in terms of elections. neil: what is lost in this argument, someone will be elected president in 2016, and will have to work with everyone. a party that returns to its libertarian roots, and hands off government or one that embraces a less strident message but still limited government. it will define republicans battle. now to former senator scott
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brown, who is testing waters to see if it is worth meteor shower he faces, should he make a run, senator, i am including in parties meior shower. what made you do this? >> as you know i've been on your show many others since the election, going around to 10 states, i have been in new hampshire, at least 5 to 7 times, telling that -- people listen, we need pragmatic thoughtful problem solvers, there is room in the party for me, ra rand paul, sarah palind s be party to will lead us out of the mess we're in, we'll have 8 years of division, the us versus them, and have versus have-nots, we need to be the unifying party, the party that will look at american people tell them
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what they are going to do, how they are going to do it, i listen to intro you made, i know who i am a republican, i am a proud member of the party of lincoln, a fiscal conservative, national security hawk, i'll put my credentials of legislative business, military experience against anybody's in this country, and i'll be my own person, it is up to the voters to make the decision to who they want, do they want someone who will be divides for another 4 to 8 years or a uniter and a problem solver. neil: does that mean, that the rand pauls, the ted cruzs, the others who will not abide some rhino republicans, they are republican in name only, try to reach a hanna, cross get slapped back, are they divisive? are they a threat to party. >> there are extremes on both sides, i know rand very well.
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i have a lot of respect for him. neil: do you think he is extreme? >> no, i think he is doing what he feel its right, there is room in our party for him, me and others, that is the beauty of being a republican, we need to be a larger -- >> you are more accommodating than just in spirit and word, i talk to these guy it is getting nasty, we talked scott walker is concerned about that. >> that is what democrats want, they want us to be in-fighting and vilifying and demonizing each other to do what they want with rhetoric they are spreading which is inaccuracies, and hurtful and shameful in some instances, we all have good ideas, we have to find a way to bring that message to the american people, that is what i've been doing, if there is an
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interest, so be it, it is premature, i've done doing it since january, i show up in iowa, my wife's home state. neil: it gets a lot of attention. we used it as an excuse just to get you on. you mentioned about trying to keep the heat down, but when i had ron paul with me on earlier on fox news, when it came to chris christie, he was not playing ball, your reaction to this. >> chris christie, was in boston last week saying, that republicans are have over intellectualized this, i think we have some folks who believe our job is to be college professors, and say for youro our ideas to matter we have to win, if we don't win we don't govern, if we don't govern all we do is shout into the wind, i think he will making a swipe at
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your son rand paul uif not. >> he said he was precise, say anything, do anything, get elected. defeat the people to get elected. neil: he said, interesting, i think this was the gest, he would be no different than elections a democrat going to chris christie, what party loses the core principles who cares if they win or lose? >> with all due respect to congressman paul, and senator paul, and many others chris christie will win overwhelm league with about a 70% approval rating in a deep blue state, he has gone through tragedies in his home state, lowered taxes, fought the unions, did everything that a republican will do but because he embraced obama had his state was in turmoil, he is apparently not a good guy. neil: they claim you were there guy, you got to washington, you
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know, you are all about getting things done, i can understand the frustration, saying that you are not parroting every one of our causes, you are almost dammed if you do, dammed if you don't. >> that is okay, i'm an american first, so is chris christie and rand fall and others, we're different people, and -- >> i think it will is bigger than that. have you a better read you are closer to the fire. but it seems when the nastiness is out in particular with chris christie and paul, that is not dying down. >> to have someone like me talking about unifying the country, putting our country first not our political personal interests, we'll see if that resonates with people, there is a void with extremes on the left and the right. neil: where do you feel it? would a president brown, be against providing more aid to
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egypt. >> i would look at all of the aid we're providing every country, do that top to bottom review, in my estimation there is a quid pro quo, we expect certain things and actions from country, i would suspend the aid and do a review. neil: to another hot button issue, that is. all of this surveillance abuse, and american records, libertarians like ron and rand paul saying enough is enough, chris christie said he has to look into the faces of families of 9/11 victims, and say, it is well worth it, you say what? >> i think that there is certain areas we have improvement that is what we need to legislate, coming together and finding that solution that everyone that a say, gets and up talks about it we come up with that solution, we need to have the ability to find out who wants to kill us, and change our way of life. we have to find that balance. there is a balance, i believe there is a balance. i don't believe that we have an idealogical purity test we have
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to do something how one particular group want its done, this is a congress, this is senate and congress in administration, finding a way to bind us as americans to solve our real fiscal and financial problems, that is my message. if it resonates gate, if not, i love being on fox, k4-8 k4-8 challenges both sides to do it better, we're in a mess with foreign policy, we're a laughingstock, we need to do it better, american people deserve and demand for us to do it better. neil: you can make a pretty compelling case. we will watch, and monitor more more close scott brown. >> great, neil, thank you. neil: up our wage or up yours? in seattle caffeinated for a cause. a java jolt for higher pay, now gone national. right now, 7 years of music is being streamed.
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fixed up? tweet your thoughts. some are saying that home depot news is great, but some are not buying it keep tweeting, at the end of the show your tweets are starting off tonight's biz blitz, if you say something nasty about me, i will not only not put your tweet on, but i but i will follow you home, i haveny own nsa system. >> doubling minimum wage to 15 bucks an hour and fast, unions working with them, planning for strikes for higher wages beginning next week, fast-food is focus, but just ask walt, if walmart, if you are a big company you have to pay it to or eat it. walmart saying no in washington tc, walmart said it could not afford on stick around, it took
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a hike. the $15 thing comes to pass, walmart will not belowly one getting out. he said this much bigger than burger joins. ed it is getting to be sort of like a national cause celeb, one goosed by a mean stream media that is not good at math. >> i have seen this cycle over the years. one thing you need to know about minimum wage, it was designed for entry level jobs to teach peoplesoft work skills. it was never meant to be a career. it is men to be a career starter. this campaign going on right now, is driven in my thoughts by the parties the political parties particularly democrats. because all about union dues, not about the minimum wage. just stop and think about how inflationary it is, this is an open admission by state and federal politicians with some
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notable exceptions they do not have enough policies to create careers and real jobs, so they go off on tangents that deflect the american people. the state of ill ha illinois hat 10% unemployment rate, they are out talking about this silly stuff, they should be talking about real jobs that people can grow into with real careers, this is nonsense, this political and inflationnary, it will never work. neil: let's say they got their way $15 wage, they lot will be chipped away with union dues. but, you raise a good point what started out minimum wage for entry level workers to get a start or teen age kids, that was great and free food. i think that it is moved beyond that now. where so many depend on that minimum wage, they are stuck. so, they want the government to raise it, but that begs the issue to whether that is washington inability to provide
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jobs and an environment where you can get jobs, people are stuck. they want the government to fix it. >> they are stuck. and the government should fix it how do they manage to have such a low unemployment rate in north dakota, texas, tennessee, kentucky? and high unemployment in illinois. look at who is governing and how, they do not dignify work, they dignify dependency. they want people dependant on government. neil: let's say, we were to hike wage to $15, people do not look at other side they look at mcdonald's, he earns a lot of money we know that franchisees, a razor-thin profit margin, that is where dollar would hit the room there is very little room for wiggle, if they could not pass along those costs, which few would accept, but, the
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reality is workers would have to go, right? >> absolutely, if you look at average volume, typical chin restaurant -- chain restaurant about $3 million, 25 year ago it was $900,000, they have the same number of workers today back then, today they serve 69 million customers a day. in back then it was 8 million, it is technology, the come. they -- equipment, they are have liesed people everywhere -- they have replaced people everywhere you look it will happen again, mchas about 13 newsestest in united states out of a million, average restaurant is u.s. makes $4.6% profit. labor cost 30 plus%. how you can raise the minimal wage almost double, and expect to sustain it? i think that obamacare will drop 15 to 20% of small businesses off of the face of the earth, if
8:18 pm
they did this minimum wage thing there would be another 15 to 20%, you can't afford it, there was an article in seattle newspaper, a guy said big business, big money? if this happens i'm out of business, i will have to fire 25 people, i cannot stan made, that is not good. neil: it is not, ed ramsey thank you very much. mcis not -- i want to say mcdonald's is not one paying the peoples, it is franchises, they are not cash kings, some mite own several franchises, when you demand they double their wage, something has to give, don't focus on the aggregate company, and revenues or profit margins are this or that. this is about the franchisees, there is a different story, but that is where the hiring begins, that is where the hiring could end. neil: you get it. >> get used to it you never top
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neil: well forget generation,x or y, how about -- not only are 57% of college students getting some form of aid, they are getting in aid, so dauntin oddsf paying it back are more daunting it is payback relief that is hooking them long after school, too indebted to a government is driving us deeper in debt. youthy saijulie said this is a g
8:23 pm
because it is providing education, and scotty, you say is a sin. you are not a fan sick-ou when t of 10 college students are in debt. >>s there are one trillion in loans that are defaulted on. 514 college institutions have a higher number of people defaulting on their loans than graduated, these numbers are not producing good education, just a chance for obama to buy another generation of entitlement voters. neil: i think julie, i had two loans when i was a kid, i do argue though, then and now, and i think this follows a math argument. the more in loans education establishments, the more they feel they have room to hike
8:24 pm
prices. >> that is right, that is a problem. but alternative, you are right, that creates a problem, alternative only rich people orchidorthe kids of rich peopled not have been able to go to college. >> what if you put a ceiling on the lending? would you see a ceiling on you to eyeintuition and room and bo. >> you might, but a lot would have to go to private institutions, to go to bank of america who could jack up the price or interests a lot higher than government, that creates another problem. neil: you do see that -- you keep feeding the beast. >> you put a ceiling on what government can give you is fine, but have to go to private lenders. i would have had to go to bank of america for example or whatever it was. you know because i'm ancient, they did not exist.
8:25 pm
neil: then i am -- scotty, we have to do something we can recognize risk of those who need the aid not getting aid, but bigger risk no one gets aid because it will be priced out. >> not like the republicans are against education, but what is the real hype crease, barack obama is champions students supposedly, he will make $50 billion in profit off of the interest from the loans, is he doing this in best interest of students, if we gave government grants to make it equal to have status quo is fine, but this administration is using it to make a profit to make up for other losses. >> you are suggests that other presidents did not have pehl grants orelons that charged interest rates, i'm not clear -- >> i'm saying maka it status
8:26 pm
quo, not a profit. >> wait -- were you for keeping rates forc forcibly low or markt base rates? >> i'm market base, but i want to make sure we're not subsidizes by tax pair funds, we're making smart investment like we make a start investment in a stock, make sure students are going to stay in, not in for a year or two and default. neil: i will say this, i do think we ought to put more emphasis on just trade schools, and electri electricians and pl, but my plumber has people. >> my plumber has more people than your plumber. neil: you need to make an. am. >> i am glad you are endorsing obama's plan to invest in
8:27 pm
community colleges. neil: i am for everyone should go to college. and after the meltdown turning up heat, attorney general eric holder telling "wall street journal" he is preparing more cases against banks stemming from financial crisis, they have been talking with j.p. morgan, and bank of america for lending abuses, julie thinks this is large overdue, julie, i find that the mirror should turn around on the government for letting this happen? >> you think that banks should be able to do what they want. neil: who pushed them into this? who turned housing away probeing a goal to dam neafrombeing a gon near birth right. i'm not forgiving banks or bad
8:28 pm
mortgages, but who provided that volatilitenvironment that. >> look at government. the government is the on one to point the finger. >> look at both. he was not around for that. but -- >> he was around for dodd-frank when it became law. >> you are talking about fact that these banks are collateralize these horrible loans. >> i am not talking about whether responsibility for taking a lending incentive, for a push by government on steroids, i am saying that the nicotine was first provided by the government. >> we agree. neil: so scotti, i'm wondering now whether doing after banks
8:29 pm
s years after. does someone, any good? >> listen, people who live in glass houses should not throw stones, rights now i wish that administration would look at itself with same tenacity of investigating its own lending practices, and on the departments as it makes on banks. neil: does that mean you would let financial institutions off the hook, and say by gon by gon. >> no but for all these cronies and barack obama who are pointing the thinger, the same way the farmer does not want to get rid of a cow, because he can continue milking it and beating it until he gets that milk. rewarding folks like the banks have done, why is he
8:30 pm
investigating them. >> caroline kennedy is not too big to fail. neil: by the way, if she is worth $250 million. >> why is she ambassador of japan? neil: i want to stick to the banks, thank you very much. >> republican and democrat discussing new revenues with our own rich edison, why is grover norquist calling it the same old song and dance? ♪ congratulations you are our one millionth customer. nobody likes to miss out. that's why ally treats all their customers the same. whether you're the first or the millionth. if your bank doesn't think you're special anyre, you need an ally.
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neil: pretty much on the same page with rich edison, talk to max baucus, and dave camp trying to reach common ground on taxes. >> is there a reasonable number? >> we'll solve it. i think there will be some revenue, i talked with democratic leadership about the need for revenue. >> and the house more revenue is not nothing we think it necessary, but real focus get the policy right. neil: what did that mean? grover norquist heard that and started puking, not really, he said under guys o guise of refoy
8:34 pm
thing washington changes is the way they tax. you are not happy with this kumbaya? >> i did not hear kumbaya, dave camp saying he will do revenue natural tax reform, not tax increase, 1986, lower rates broaden the base, no net tax increase. that is what he is doing, that is where he is going, he is not going to raise taxes, max baucus told others he would do revenue neutral tax reform, his boss, harry reid, he does not work for the people of montana, he works for harry reid, harry reid said go get me some money, harry reid is not allowing any tax reform package out of balk aus t baucud voted on in senate. neil: i respect you a great dial, but i think you are missing something interesting out of camp, he talked about
8:35 pm
revenue neutral as a goal. he did something that a lot of party purists, when you give away allowances and esemptions and -- exemption and credit that has near-term impact of raising taxes, some that was not a tax you paid is suddenly a tax you arpaying. tea partiers seeing that as a sign. >> i don't think so, i had a long conversation with chairman camp this last week. neil: do you think they mean what they say? they used to sign your pledge willy-nilly. >> camp signed pledge, camp has kept his commitment scared we'll do tax reform, he that is his to session, the guy who changed his position is baucus who saidly was wante hewanted to do tax rew
8:36 pm
been instructed. neil: let's say you are right, then that means nothing is getting done, the two on that matter alone are far enough aport to indicate we're looking at late next month a shut down. >> no, no. tax reform is separate. neil: i understand that, but you know what i'm getting at? they are still polar opposites with deals with the underlying issues. >> this is not a secret, republicans want to keep taxes low, spend less, the democrats want to raise taxes to spend more, they are in disagreement. we'll have this fight on the continues resolution, and debt ceiling, and when we get to tax reform we'll have it then too. neil: all right, well, keep an eye on them, grover norquist. always a thorn in their side in a good way. >> you help us we'll help you. weird timing $2 between the $
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aarp auto insurance program from the hartford. why wait? neil: you are not going to believe this, new details about nsa snooping scandal, we're hearing that nsa actually has capacity to do a lot more spying than we thought, it is reach 75% of all internet traffic. think about that. in some cases, earnin even recog content of e-mails not just the top line. the entire e-mail. all right that is a lot more pervasive and invasive than ever originally thought. so when they are scooping this stuff up, not just want to line they are getting, they have the ability to get the whole e-mail. 75% of all the crisscross of
8:40 pm
internet traffic. wow. one of the names for these programs, blarney, i'll leave it at that. they say two are not connected that verizon landed a $10 billion contract with the government because it was -- well the best suited candidate for the job, not because it handed north of 115 million of its customer phone records to the government as due course. hard to say this is not government watch dog, katherine said that does not sit right, sending a signal this is all wrong, you help uncle sam you make money, you don't help uncle sam, you don't get money it is weird, but what do you think? >> you know, i agree that there is a kind of creepy feeling about this. it is quite right we should worry when he see big business, and big business get cozy. i would say this is a great argument for shrinking the size
8:41 pm
of government. if government can't dangle a $10 billion contract. in this case verizon gets a billion. >> you know, in your fine city of washington, i hear that optics is buzzword, how does it look? does it look good or bad? i am no optics editor but months after the verizon getting dibs on a $ 10 billion contract not good optics. >> only thing that gives me hope are terrible optics on this, you should always favor a explanation of incompetence over of conspire rase. it is likely they have not idea what each other are doing, yes, it looks bad, we should be nervous about big business and
8:42 pm
big government, but in this case, frankly maybe it is just bad optics. neil: all right, well, if ignorance is defense i'll run with it i do want to pick your brain on latest revelation, that nsa has ability to get 75% of internet traffic. all e-mail. its capabilities are far greater and more powerful than were earlier thought that once again, raises an issue, these guys can do anything the hell they want? >> that is the trajectory of this story, unfortunately, it gets worse and worse, i think we're seeing with nsa is, you know they actually do have very impressive capacities, and every time we hear another piece of information like this we're asked to do is, trust us. we're being asked by government to believe they won't misuse the power, they won't misuse the
8:43 pm
capabilities, they are only looking for terrorists so don't worry. i do not feel comfortable trusting the nsa with even 75% of my e-mail traffic. neil: i don't know, maybe you are too young to remember, i am an old fart. i remember twilight episode, aliens came down they helped cure cancer, and all humans, it turned out they were just offering a way to get a rocket ship to get humans off the planet to serve man, it was a "the book ocookbook, they were o make us inbreadth yen ingredien. katherine, always great having you. all right in the meantime, poor katherine, why did i stay late for this?
8:44 pm
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neil: leaving aside new york times ought but praising a u.n. climate report that guarantees ocean will be three feet higher by the end of the century.
8:48 pm
joe said that will make matters worse. same meteorologist and climate change critic saiding careful, joe, you are not a fan of argument but what about water 3 feet higher by end of century. >> i love the way they make predicts no one will be around to verify. neil: you are so stubborn, i guarantee you will be around. but now they use this thinking to argue about changing sandy shore, you say that is dangerous, why? >> well, no, i say is that for years, and years, we have been saying that the jersey shore all u.s. east coast is vulnerible, we've seen this before, dr. william gray, of colorado state 19 sfeatz1978, when ice age of d we would have major hurricanes strike u.s. an and 90s and 2000s
8:49 pm
because of natural cyclical evens in the ocean, he was right. people were laughing at him, saying $250 billion, you are kidding me, he was spot on right. neil: you must welcome some of the climate change-types saying building the homes on 10 feet high or that thing what do you think. >> i don't think that it because of crime at change, it is because of common sense, if you get the book, great storms in the new jersey shore, you would realize that storms in 20s and 30s were devastating, but not as many people living on the barrier islands. >> you argue that is cycle for you? you argue that is all cycles ? >> it is natural and cyclical, we're going -- in 2006, i was on national tv saying by 2015 there
8:50 pm
would be two major hurricanes hitting northeastern u.s., i'm not right yet because irene and sandy were not major, we're talking about like donna, and hazel. and carroll, and edna, these storms were packing winds 125-miles an hour. neil: that is not global warming? what is it? >> that is the atlantic still in its one state, pacific cooling off, that is why global tropical activity has dropped so much right after al gore said in his movie, how bad it would be it has dropped. onus turns to the atlantic for 10 to 15 years. the tracks in 1940s like a road map over south florida, 1950s road map up eastern seaboard, i don't understand how these people do not see this, do they not look at this, and say, well, how can there be 8 major hurricanes in 7 years, and we've
8:51 pm
seen nothing like that since, that would that be global warming climate change ei don't know what do they call it today? >> i have no idea. i am going with you. i'm going with you, joseph, thank you so much. >> thanks. neil: meanwhile a bigger samsung galaxy phone is comes out. jury is still out, here is your twitter reaction, to a promise of 6-inch plus scenes, one writes way too big, there are tablets for a reason. but do investors think it is a good thing? why a bigger galaxy could put apple stock in a world of hurt, next we'll be blitzing it up. t, my doctor and i went with axiron, the only underarm low t treatment. axiron can restore t levels to normal
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8:54 pm
companies you are chatting about on twitter. we'll tell you if it is a good idea to invest in them or stay away, home depot. does that mean the economy is improving? just some typical tweets, if people cannot afford a contractor they may choose to did repairs on their own, home depot benefits, another writes, i think they would rather fix it up than buy it up, finally, i don't have luxury of spending money on anything but basics to our blitzers, if they're celebrating home depot or concern about the economy? todd, the argument made if you can't afford a homer you fix up the one you have, benefit home depot? >> right. and people are doing that, it is interesting, i would saw champagne flute is half full,
8:55 pm
you see spending on autos and home improvement but not retail, in order cbs.co94 strom throughe having problems, home depot revamped customer experience, and revamped product offers, have you seen from home depot, great organic growth, they are growing their dividends investors like that. neil: every item i want to like 500 feet in the air, i just run outcrying, monica, you say what? home depot indicative of something bigger? do you like the stock or company? >> i think home depot's rise is indicative of home prices appreciating and buyers of home no longer underwater 1.75 moment buyers are not -- homebuyers that. that.
8:56 pm
neil: this is a thumbing up? >> but not for the economy. and as todd said, you are not seeing that rise with places like walmart, and walmart is where america shops. i think that trend is indicative of a tale of two cities with people who have asset in stock market and housing thatture that are seeing the assets rise. neil: you like home depot regardless of the environment environment. >> yes. neil: thank you? >> i do. switching gears, samsung galaxy mega, giving apple a mega-headache, latest big phone offer, promises more than a 6-inch screen, some tweeting samsung may have tipped a big too big others not big enough, samsung offer you choices, todd you say 4,000 apple not. >> right. finally a smartphone thatture our parents can use they will be able to read the screen.
8:57 pm
neil: this is bigger than the note, what is that a tablet? a you know, a phone and a tablet? >> right, so, a hybrid between the two, and i think one thing that is important to note that samsung is a big fish in android market, a lot who buy samsung phones are smarters, a lower price point, good luck putting that in your pocket there is a customer looking for features of two. apple to be worried, and road is taking mark -- and roa android s market shares year after year. >> it puts pressure on apple with their september announcement, and only thing i heard there will be a stupid gold-colors phone or champagne color whatever the hell that is what do you think? >> apple has a lot of competition. with steve jobs not around any
8:58 pm
more, it will be a tough rhodes. neil: al-- a tough road. neil: final issue, server down, our twitter feed lit up when went down for 40 minutes considering they bring ins there are attornes there ar0 5 seconds, that is a big outage it happens again, and again. todd, it these companies are so vulnerable to outages maybe investors might feel too vulnerable owning their shares? >> it could be but people factor it in, i remember options traded in amazon in november 1997, they had a big outage, christmas season. so, you know, that is going to happen, in technology. you will have outages, people
8:59 pm
are human, and humans make mistakes. neil: if it keeps happening it would be an issue? >> you would struggled to find any industry that does not have a business-related inc. neil: does it bother is happens a lot? "new york times," washington post. >> this is first significant in e-commerce. >> it would not dissuade you? >> i shrug this off, amazon is a great company they are gig great things, i don't know about the stock. 61 billion-dollar company that is barely squeaking a profit. neil: todd? would you buy amazon? >> they are in a tough environment, bed, battle and beyond is sheep or their products -- cheaper than amazon.
9:00 pm
neil: i want to thank you very much. governor scott brown of wisconsin is here tomorrow. tomorrow. be there. "the willis report." ♪ >> hello, everyone. and dennis kneale in for gerri willis. have you bring a company back from the dead? one of the very best turnaround experts in the country is here to tell us :. also, out you know when to hire a pro or do-it-yourself? home improveme came this year. forget all the fan high-tech stock. tonight we will tell you how to make money in the underbelly of america, a place where you cannot go, where your money should. all that and more. first, our top story, movever, pat sajak. obamacare wants to build up contest prices. the health and human services department is sponsoring a contest or

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